What is Digital Signature?

Digitally signing a document has been made easy, efficient and secure by the prevailing electronic document software such as Adobe® that supports the authentication of digital data based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies. With digital signature, many companies have adopted electronic documents in place of paper documents where traditional pen-and ink signatures were used.

MSC Trustgate’s digitally signature platform complies with the Digital Signatures Act (DSA) 1997 and Digital Signature Regulation (DSR) 1998 of Malaysia and other international standard, making digitally signed documents legally binding and non-repudiable. Recipients can be confident and assured that the digitally signed document has not been altered and it has been signed by someone that the recipients trusted.

Features of Digital Signature

Anytime and anywhere - support remote signing through mobile apps

Long term validation

minimum SHA 256 support

Revocation checking on signing certificates

Time Stamping

QR-Code embedded for signature verification

Why use Digital Signature

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The signer cannot deny the signature that have been done

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Anytime and anywhere - support remote signing through mobile app

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The signer identity has been verified by Trusted Certificate Authority

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Long term validation

Even after the digital certificate has expired, the digital signature and document are still legally binding.

How digital signature Works?